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Our Programs

Financial literacy Services

The majority of youth and young adults have no link with new developments about existing opportunities, how to generate income, access to capital, and how to manage scarce financial resources. Beginning of New Hope believes that when these youth and young adults have an understanding of money management, they will be equipped with a skill to make healthier choices.

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and apply financial skills, including finance management, budgeting, and investing. It provides the foundation that youth need to become self-sufficient adults. Youth who lack exposure to financial experiences, such as banking and budgeting from their guardians and or families, require support learning money management skills. Beginning of New Hope plans to:

  • ●  Examine each youth attributes, abilities, and suggest opportunities to support the development of financial capability and well-being.

  • ●  Present credit-building services and provide resources that can be used to build credit.

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Coat/Food Drive Volunteer Program

Coats gathered will be cleaned and provided to those in need. Food will be provided to the families in the community in need. We view community drives as a way to connect with local families, to build relationships. Volunteering provides opportunities to socialize with peers and make valuable connections. Also, youth who feel rejected by society because of their history, volunteering also helps combat loneliness.

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Counseling/ Life Skill Coaching

Providing interaction to help the youth solve everyday life problems and to make healthy decisions. Also, we want to provide aid to youth who have experience trauma and or have lived in a dysfunctional environment. Beginning of New Hope believes that any skill that is useful in your life can be regarded as a life skill. We offer a range of life skills that assist youth and young adults.

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Fitness Programs

Helping youth develop strong muscles, bones, and joints. Fitness programs are therapeutic as well as confidence developer.

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Housing Project

As of January 2020 there are 6,527  youth and young adults who are homeless in the state of Missouri. Recent studies estimate that approximately one-quarter of youth and young adults exiting detention facilities at some point were homeless or had unstable housing. One of the biggest issue’s facilities face is what should be done when youth don’t have anyone to go home to. Beginning of New Hope plans to offer these youth shelter and new hope.

How the housing program works

Beginning of New Hope members live in heavily subsidized apartments, often with roommates, and are expected to engage in treatment, secure employment and work toward self-sustainability.

The Benefits

  • ●  Providing stable housing for homeless youth and young adults, Beginning of New Hope not only reduces violations of public order laws related to living and working on the street, but it increases exposure to pro-social networks and provides a sense of safety and well-being conducive to participating in treatment and other services.

  • ●  Providing housing to homeless youth and young adults, Beginners For New Hope’s program does not only improve community safety, but it cuts down the economic and human costs of ex-offenders cycling through our jails and prisons just because they do not have a safe place to live

Building Houses